Marine Insurance
Marine Insurance coverage is given to Import and Export of goods from one port to other port under the voyage by Sea, Air and by Rail/Road transit. Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited (PGICL) offers different types of risks coverage for the explained categories.
a) Marine Import:
PGICL providing the coverage for different risks associated with the import of goods from one port to any other port of the world either by Sea, Air or by Rail/Road, whether by trains or trucks.
b) Marine Export:
In marine export PGICL provides the protection of insurance to the exported goods by various means of transport as explained in the marine import.
c) Inland Transit:
The Carriage of goods from one city to the other city either across the borders or inside the country or even within the city by Rail/Road, to protect the client’s interest, PGICL is providing the simple Rail/Road single journey transit insurance cover.
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